Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Version 1.0

Terms of Service

  1. The LibSocNet website is provided free of charge to those who wish to use the website. There is no guarantee of service to end users and service may be withdrawn wholy or in part for all or for particular members at any time without any reason being given.
  2. We offer this service for free and it is the end users responsability to be careful of their online safety.
  3. The Administration and Moderation teams at LibSocNet may erase content if they find the content to be outside of the rules given in the conditions of service below.
  4. The Administration and Moderation teams at LibSocNet may ask for conent to be edited but they shall not edit content unless the content creator has asked for a specific type of edit to their content to be carried out for the sake of some technical that the Administration and Moderation team will be able to solve easier than the user.
  5. LibSocNet is generally not responsable for the content on the side which is created by the community. It is our mission to promote liberty which especially includes the freedom to express oneself. We will not delete content or take punitive actions against a member unless there has been some breach of the Terms and Conditions given here.
  6. We recognise only a few restrictions to freedom of expression and these include such things as slander, libel and incitement to commit crime. Please see The About Page in regards to what we mean by "crime". If a describable injury appears to be deeply construed then whatever injury is being described must be weighed against the injury of restricting one of out members in some way by erasing their content or banning the user.
  7. The law by which we operate are the traditional laws of Scotland (the civil law of Scotland as hybridised by the common law of England). To the fullest extent possible in any jurisdiction from which we serve content or interact with people to whom that content is served, Scots Law will be the jurisdiction to the fullest extent possible.
  8. The LibSocNet website comes with no warranty and to the fullest extent in applicable law, there is no implied warranty of any kind.

Conditions of Service

  1. LibSocNet grants you a right to use this website for the purpose of online socialising and networking with people you may end up meeting offline.
  2. While using this website dedicated to the cause of liberty, most especially freedom of expression, you can say pretty much anything you like, however we do draw the line at incitement to initiate injury against a persons justly acquired rights and these include the right to enjoy their deserved reputation. Slander (and libel to the extent such activities are libelous) will not be tolerated and it is one of the few circumstances where your right to express your views may be restricted here.
  3. The right to use this website may be restricted for those who are unsuitable to the mission of LibSocNet, which is to help in bringing about a more liberated world of tommorrow. Those who seek to take liberties are not welcome and those demonstrating the protection of liberties will be treated preferentially.
  4. Membership may be rescinded in the case of computer hacking, web scraping or any form of automated use of the website for which LibSocNet has not given any express consent to in advance.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

  1. As needs arise, changes may need to be made to the Terms and Conditions from time to time. These changes will remain in the same spirit promoting amicable behaviour of the membership and protecting the rights of LibSocNet to keep the site going in the face of whatever new challenged arise.
  2. You will be informed of any changes to these Terms and Conditions when you log into the website and continued use of the website will imply acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions.